Host Site FAQs

Is my organization eligible to host an AmeriCorps member?

Nonprofit organizations*, Native American tribes, and state, city, and local government agencies are eligible to apply. Organizations that focus solely on advocacy and lobbying are not eligible. To host a member, an organization must be able to supervise its AmeriCorps members, reimburse mileage for any project-related travel, and provide the necessary administrative support to achieve the goals of the project.

How can an AmeriCorps member help your organization?

AmeriCorps members serve with your organization 40 hours per week for 12 months and can serve for up to 3 years, helping your organization build capacity and implement programs that alleviate poverty, and they serve as a short-term resource to build long-term sustainability for anti-poverty programs.

How can AB Christian Learning Center help you obtain an AmeriCorps member?

We include your organization in our agreement with AmeriCorps, assist with creating the VISTA Assignment Description (VAD) and Service Opportunity Listing (SOL), recruiting and onboarding AmeriCorps members, offering support for AmeriCorps members, reporting oversight, and managing the VISTA members.

What will I pay to become an AmeriCorps VISTA Host Site?

The first year is FREE!!! An administrative fee will begin with year 2 of being a VISTA Host Site.

I’m ready to host an AmeriCorps member! What should I do next?

(CLICK HERE to request Application) to apply! AB Christian Learning Center will review your organization’s application and collaborate with AmeriCorps. You will be notified within 30 days whether your project has been approved. ABCLC will include your organization in our contract with AmeriCorps. While waiting for approval, the Project Director will work with your staff member to finalize a VAD and SOL. Once the amendment is approved, the Project Director will upload the VAD and SOL for approval. Once the SOL is approved, the position is advertised, and you can begin to recruit.

Questions? Contact Toni Mickle, Project Director