Diving in the search for three men diving watch recommended

Summer is hot, there are many friends will choose to swim, diving to refreshing, looking for a cool meaning. Of course, diving in a diving watch to wear not only can know the diving for security and bring some protection, but also for the diving activities of great fun. Today's home for everyone to watch three diving watch. Rolex Submariner Series 116610LN-97200 black disc watch Model: 116610LN-97200 Movement type: automatic machinery Case Material: 904L stainless steel Strap material: 904L stainless steel Case diameter: 40 mm Watch the price: ¥ 65900 Watch: This watch is rolex replica watches very well-known "Blackwater", watch the quality of the 904L stainless steel to create a case, the use of black diving bezel, Cal.3135 case equipped with automatic mechanical movement. Watch the black dial in the home of the iconic "Mercedes-Benz" pointer, the outer edge of a striking time scale, hands and time scales are white coating, can be clearly displayed in dark environments; dial three o'clock position with date display window , After the mirror on the mirror to enlarge more easy to read. Watch with the same use of 904L stainless steel strap to create, the use of folding buckle. This watch has a waterproof depth of 300 meters, with diving bezel, is a very popular diving watch. Omega Seagate Series watch Model: Movement type: automatic machinery Case Material: stainless steel Strap material: stainless steel Case diameter: 55x48 mm Watches Price: ¥ 70100 Watch Comments: Omega Seamaster series has a yacht-like elegance, leisurely appearance, this watch to steel to create a unique shape of the case, which equipped with replica rolex watches 8500 movement. Watch black dial with white coated time scale, the central large pointer, and in the four o'clock position of the date display window. With a black white scale on the bottom of the diving bezel. Watch with an orange rubber strap, very dynamic charm. Watch with a water depth of 1200 meters, is a very excellent diving watch. IW358002 watch series Model: IW358002 Movement type: automatic machinery Case Material: titanium Strap material: rubber Case diameter: 46 mm Watches Price: ¥ 68400 Watch Comments: This universal ocean timepieces watch to create titanium case, which is equipped with a Wan Guo 80110 automatic mechanical movement, movement in full string state can provide 44 hours of power reserve. Watch the black dial with striped decoration, the use of large green coating pointer and time scale, in the three-time location of the date display window; another watch assembly diving inner ring. uk replica watches with a black rubber strap, dynamic and casual. This watch has a waterproof depth of 2000 meters. Summary: These three watch brands have superb superb watchmaking process, but also in the field of diving watch has its own place. Three watch style tough, dynamic leisure, wearing such a watch to go swimming or diving, not only can get the movement to bring a sense of coolness, and watch worn especially in the wrist type, temperament outstanding.