Hedging is not equal to the investment brand material is the key

Sometimes people will ask, buy what watch the most hedge against inflation. Buy what watch the best investment, where the first statement, do not agree with the appreciation of investment watches. As for the hedge against inflation, many people also understand that there is a mistake, hedging is to minimize losses, that is when the second-hand when the residual value is high, there is the price of the store is still strong, this watch is relatively Is a hedge against inflation. Hedging is not equal to the investment brand material is the key So most people understand the misunderstanding of hedge against inflation is to minimize the loss, the so-called loss is to buy and then shot the price and the price of new stores. Under normal circumstances, the price of stores are also considered relatively strong, so the main watch or watch the price of second-hand watch to see in the end there is no hedging effect. To tell the truth, most of the replica watches is not a good hedge, a lot of brand watches have such a saying, hand to play half of the amount, that is to say you may buy a watch, even if not wearing, as second-hand watch Can only reach half of the original price, and like this watch is not even hedge. The best is always finite, and this is the truth of truth. If the best can be copied indefinitely, then it becomes a vague word. Limited is a seductive word, representing the contempt for the copy and mediocrity, on behalf of the money is not necessarily ready to buy. It is to some extent proved that the owner of a privilege. Privilege, must be inseparable with the identity and status. The amount of subtle subtlety in the subconscious people sensitive to the desire for monopoly. Not afraid of the high price of the watch, if picked to a hedge against evergreen watch, so you can play outside the watch can be profiwatch. Watch to preserve the value of a look at the brand to see two materials, and then to the specific style, the brand can be said to watch the most critical factor in value, in addition to the brand even if the material, no matter how good style is also less than the so-called hedging effect, the brand probably decided 90% of the value of a watch. In the previous auction of watches and clocks, the list are some of the more senior brand watches, so the brand factor is very important. In addition to the brand there is the uk replica watches material, the precious metal hedging effect is greater than the steel watch, steel watch the preservation effect is greater than the jewelry watch, because the price of jewelry watches have been relatively premium a lot, so from hedging The above is not the ideal object, as some other new materials and niche material, no time to test. Last turn to the specific style of the watch, the specific material to the same brand of the same watch, there are different hedging effect, so usually do more homework, listen, see more to make the right judgments. Rolex Log Series 116233 Champagne plate with diamonds watch At present, the strongest price of the two brands is Rolex and Patek Philippe, from the previous watch auction will be able to see, from the store price, in other brands are collective diving, Rolex does not fall but rise. The most valuable is the secondary market, Rolex for so many years, prices have been swatch at a level line. If a watch of good maintenance, the basic start and shot no big difference between, equal to the time in your hands white wear, this is the most rare thing. Patek Philippe Complex Function Chronograph Series 5131J Gold rolex replica uk Patek Philippe recognized as the top brand, has always been a high-end players collection of investment objects, the value of its ability to not be underestimated, watch the election of a good appreciation of the space is very large, but need unique vision. Patek Philippe's Ref 5131 can be said that PP collectors dream of one of the series, because this piece of the world time zone watch dial is enamel surface, and the enamel process is very strict, then can make such a enamel surface system watch Master very little.