Attractive eye-winged artifact of three Rolex entry-level watch recommended

How to wear a watch to attract attention? To know that in addition to a senior watch a lot of people on the watch and not so sensitive and understanding, so if you buy a watch in order to get better to show themselves and get more attention, then it is best to buy high visibility, Of the watch, so as to achieve the purpose of eye-catching, when it comes to visibility and recognition, then Rolex absolutely in full compliance with this requirement, today's home for everyone to recommend three entry-level Rolex watches. Rolex Air Overlord Series 116900-71200 watch Watches Series: Air King series Movement type: automatic machinery Case Material: 904L stainless steel Strap material: 904L stainless steel Case diameter: 40 mm Hong Kong Price: HK $ 48000 This watch is the Rolex in 2016 Basel Watch Fair launched the latest replica watches uk, the new Air King watch the case diameter of 40 mm to 904L steel forging. Black dial rich personality, 3,6 and 9 o'clock position marked with large Arabic numerals, minute mark prominent prominent, so that when the navigation can be clearly read. Rolex Submariner Series 116610LN-97200 black disc watch Watch series: Submariner type Movement type: automatic machinery Case Material: 904L stainless steel Strap material: 904L stainless steel Case diameter: 40 mm Domestic price: ¥ 65900 Watch Comments: Rolex Blackwater ghost, the rolex replica watches classic can no longer classic watches, and 40 mm diameter design, 904L stainless steel case and bracelet to create, submerged were born in 1953, is the world's first water depth of 100 meters Watch, followed by the addition of patented three-lock lock crown to enhance the sealing case, so that the water depth increased to 300 meters. This is a black black devil completely black, round sapphire crystal glass watch mirror, luminous dot scale like a night in the eyes, so you can clearly see the passage of time. Rolex Log Series 116334 white disc watch Watches Series: Log Series Movement type: automatic machinery Case material: 18k white gold - stainless steel Strap Material: 18k White Gold - Stainless Steel Case diameter: 41 mm Domestic price: ¥ 71000 Watch Comments: Since it comes to Rolex's recognition, then the replica watches can not fall ring dog, the Rolex log-type watch with 18k white gold - made of stainless steel, 41 mm diameter design, watch in addition to the classic Rolex dog Ring of rosette design also has a classic blister date display window design, classic unparalleled, very high recognition. Summary: In addition to Rolex, other brands also have a lot of classic features of the design, such as the Panerai bridge, etc., today we recommend the three watches is not the Rolex real entry section, , So as to more eye-catching.