Do you care about the watch warranty you

Buy a watch, is a happy thing, it is likely that this is the first in life to spend a large price to buy small objects (luxury). All along, most of the Chinese people like to play jade, gradually, there are more and more people like the watch, even if it is generally higher than the price of the text to play. After a long period of exploration, inquiry, choice, entangled, hesitated, finally one day, determined to buy the watch in the watch, so, it all seems to be successful. However, when you really have this watch, only to find that this is only a start. Obviously, the watch is actually a consumable, in rolex replica watches our use of the process, it is constantly depreciation, in order to allow it to "service" for a longer period of time, we need to regularly maintain it, even in daily wear , All need to be careful. Because it is relatively fragile, so watch manufacturers tend to provide a product warranty. Warranty is our quality assurance for short, it actually contains two meanings, on the one hand is the guarantee of product quality, which means that it is genuine, on the other hand is committed to providing warranty service. Breitling certificate Each purchase from the formal channels of the watch, should have a complete annex, which contains the above two certificates, proof of quality / certificate of origin and warranty card. The former is a very important anti-counterfeit labels, all false watches it can imitate the appearance of the brand watch, movement and even a lot of details of things, but when you go to buy false form, it does not really Paul card, You can also through the network channels to verify whether it is true. Today, many brands will be quality certification and warranty card integrated together, this card when you buy the watch, you can activate, and then enjoy a series of brands after the free service. Today, the most important dozens of watch brands, mainly distributed in several groups, Richemont, Swatch, Kaiyun, Rolex, Seiko, Citizen, Crown City swiss replica watches (mainly for the Chinese market), each group in general Have their own after-sales regulations, the group under the different brands will be slightly different. In general, the warranty are reflected in several aspects, namely, the brand does not provide the scope of the warranty is the appearance of the normal use of depreciation, the movement is not their own quality problems of damage (such as man-made, accident, force majeure factors. Most of the brand is only for the movement to provide warranty, in addition to including some additional terms, such as water watch if not within the specified time to do waterproof testing, then if there is a problem, will not provide warranty service. Therefore, when you buy a watch, it is best to understand the accompanying quality assurance instructions, so you can clear their own rights and interests. Omega to attain the Observatory certified Paul card Warranty has a valid period, most of the brand, is currently a two-year warranty, including quartz watches and mechanical watches. Warranty in a certain extent, but also reflects the brand's confidence in quality. 2012, Breitling will be under the brand movement of the watch models, warranty increased to 5 years. In 2014, Omega vigorously develop the quality of the movement, launched to the Observatory certification, while the new Observatory certified watch warranty increased to 4 years. In 2015, Rolex has also launched a top-level Observatory certification, and the warranty period to 5 years. In addition, Switzerland is very small minority of the senior watchmaking brand Richard Mille warranty for 5 years. Improve the quality of life, the Friends of the watch is undoubtedly a good thing, after all, you can enjoy a longer warranty service time, and that your uk replica watches can be up to 4 years, 5-year warranty period, which means you may Saving a small sum of the cost. The brand, this is not a small capital investment, after all, these brands to sell every year so many watchs, especially Rolex and Omega, sold hundreds of thousands of watches each year to improve the quality of life is not simple A verbal commitment only. Waterproof Test Waterproofing generally requires a 2-year test Of course, the need to understand is that the warranty and maintenance is not the same thing, if your watch a problem, the warranty period can be free testing, if identified as a quality problem, you can get free maintenance. The maintenance, is the need to spend money, and maintenance of the items included in the warranty and the project is not the same, maintenance of the appearance of clean-up and clean-up movement detection, but not responsible for maintenance. Today, most of the watch friends to buy watches through overseas channels or online shopping to buy watches, of course, this can save not a small sum of money, but most people may not have considered after-sales problems. Most of the watch friends heard that the brand of international security, so when the watch when the problem is used to find the brand formal sale to solve the problem, but when the real went to the aftermarket, only to find overseas purchasing may not pay taxes, On tax to provide services, online shopping sometimes even the most basic accessories are not complete, security card without formal authorization, not service, only regret it. When you need to pay for maintenance, will be more than you save money. Therefore, the purchase of watches, it is best to understand the clear warranty. Most online shopping, it is difficult to have a warranty commitment, because they do not have the brand authorization, overseas purchase is there, related to tariffs, not necessarily in the country to enjoy the warranty. So, in order to make your love watch can always be with you, the warranty you really should care.