European Cup big brother are wearing what watch?

Speaking of the European Cup, what would you think? Is the 1968 semi-finals Italy guess the coin out of the former Soviet Union, is the 1992 Danish substitute before the South fairy tale win, or in 2004 Greece for the first time the myth of aspirations? Is the 1976 Anthony Penanka's "spoon penalty", is the 1988 Van Basten zero-angle volley, or Trezeguet in 2000 the golden lore lore? Since its inception in 1960, the European Cup has given us countless wonderful unforgetwatch moments. From June 10 to July 10, 2016, the 15th European Cup will be opened in France. As fans, the most concerned about is the performance of the star on the pitch. In this article, let us look at the European Cup on the big brothers are wearing what the watch green. Bogba and Rolex cosmometer type Daytona watch Following the 1960 and 1984, France held the third European Cup. Home game, high morale Gallic rooster was high hopes, and the prospects for the French team in the European Cup, largely depends on the performance of midfielder Paul Bogba. Bogba is a Guinean French football player, debut in the French League Le Havre Youth League. In 2009 Bogba joined Manchester United, but the opportunity to play very little. In 2012, Bogba turned Juventus, and gradually take over the position of Pirlo, the old woman midfielder core. Today, Borgba has Juventus dominate Serie A for four consecutive years. This time home to the European Cup, Borgba will play an important role in the national team. In 2015, Bogba vacation with just joined Manchester United's Memphis Dope photo. As can be seen from the figure, Bogba wearing a Rolex cosmic type is a Daytona black disc watch, the official model 116505-78595. This watch diameter of 40 mm, equipped with 4130 automatic winding chronograph movement, learned price of 290,000 yuan, less than Bogba week (£ 70,000) half. Dark skin, with the glittering Rolex gold watch, it seems do not have some fun. Then think of the figure in the two, Bogba attracted public giants scramble, Depp is Manchester United in the marginalization, and it is marvel. Iniesta and Amy Ben Tao series S Chronograph Two years ago, the Brazil World Cup, Spain, not the Czech Republic, upset group out. As the defending champion, Matador hopes to regain the glory of 2008 and 2012. The last European Cup group match 1-1 draw with Italy in Italy, Iniesta to an enemy five, singled out the Italian line of defense scenes were fans talked about. Iniesta was born in the world-famous La Masia youth academy, whether in Barcelona, ​​or transplant Barcelona play of the Spanish national team, have played a commander, metronome and engine key role in the 2010 World Cup final in South Africa Is to break into the only goal, to help matador head holding the World Cup. Iniesta skin is white, life is monotonous. The court is an honest person will not lose his temper, always quietly contribute to the team, by the Chinese fans affectionately known as "white." White has no low-key contract watchmaking brand, but after the 2015 teammates Maurice Lacroix in the Nou Camp Stadium set up studios, invited Barcelona Football Club 24 players personally surgeon design, and for them To create a personalized custom Amy Ben Tao series S chronograph. Wayne Rooney and Paul Road Accu Swiss Percheron Treble watch Home with Lu chubby, good fortune and well-being! Wayne Rooney in Everton start the player career, in 2004, Wayne Rooney from Everton transfer Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson's guidance usher in the peak of his career. England national team, Wayne Rooney was elected to the national team at the age of 17, and with the team participated in two European Cup in 2004,2012 and 2006,2010,2014 three World Cup. In recent years, the years of wasted, the erosion of injury to Rooney increasingly faltering, once the spirit of Emmanuel gradually polished away, the location of the field has repeatedly dragged on, with the "European Chinese team," said the Three Lions The key moment lost chain. Overwhelmed by England's ten-time record victory into the European Cup, I do not know retired midfielder Wayne Rooney can help with the experience of three lions to a higher level. In 2014, as a Manchester United partner, Po Road China launched Accu Swiss Percheron Treble watch. The watch uses innovative "capsule" type structure, before and after the use of whole body screws fixed watch ring, case and back cover, so watch a swatch and swatch structure, fear of strong impact. As a dedicated replica watches, dial 9 o'clock position and 6 o'clock position, respectively, printed with Manchester United logo and Rooney signature. In addition, the end of the watch is also decorated with a special Rooney jersey number. Buffon and Yu-ship Black Magic Bracelet watch Gianluigi Buffon, the first 21 club season, the first 20 years on behalf of the national team played, "teenager" Buffon so ushered in the 2016 French European Cup. He was with Juventus relegated to Serie B, to return to Serie A and then take five consecutive crown; he also had the 2002 16 strong gates out of the Golden Gate lost, and in 2006 left flapping right to win the trophy . Looking back more than 20 years of occupation career, Buffon experienced the pain of failure, but also taste the success of glycol, teammates and opponents face for another, only he stood in front of Juventus and Italy, standing as a monument . Looking ahead to the opening of the French European Cup, Buffon as the array in the Dinghai Shenxian lead Azzurri expedition, this time, they can make up for the regret of four years ago? In 2012, Yu-ship watch and Juventus signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing, Buffon and Pirlo to attend the event. They wear the hands of the ship Black Magic Bracelet rolex replica, the official model 301.CI.1770.RX. This watch is 44 mm in diameter, equipped with HUB 4100 automatic winding chronograph movement, with a black ceramic case and bezel, with a black natural rubber strap. Hour and minute marks and time scale scale coated white luminous layer, black and white color and Juventus main color echoes, and provides 42 hours power reserve. Bell and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Watches Gareth Bell, starting from Southampton, moved to Tottenham Hotspur by Real Madrid. Great St.! Chinese fans so affectionately call him. Bell not only looks like Wukong, speed is few people can out of its right. 2013-14 season, the Spanish King's Cup final, Bell 58 meters sprint, outside the Road forced to overtake, with the speed of the speed of raw Barcelona defender, known as the "pass to three seconds after their own." National team, the Bell arranged six goals, helping the first time in the history of Wales into the European Cup finals, a half a century away from the final round of competition itch. As the only superstar in the array, the holy hope to control the Welsh Red Dragon, a miracle. In 2013, Bell moved from Tottenham to Real Madrid, from White Hart Lane to Bernabeu, Bell is wearing the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Watches, the official model 26400SO.OO.A002CA.01. The stainless steel uk replica watches is 44 mm in diameter and features a Cal.3126 / 3840 self-winding chronograph movement with copper beryllium and inert variable element balance, KIFElastor shock and FLAT gossamer, 21,600 vibrations per hour (3 hertz) , Can provide 60 hours power storage, it is learned that the price of 250,000 yuan, Bell a week salary (250,000 pounds) can buy 10 children. C Lo with the TAG Heuer Formula 1 CR7 Chronograph From Ronaldinho to C Luo, cycling young to the Bernabeu, from the island of Madeira to the world, the road to success and glory is not a smooth road, but C Lo with a firm will and unremitting efforts to achieve today's foot Altar status. He suffered the 2006 World Cup red card questioned the 2008 Moscow rainy night loss of frustration, also against the victory of the Cosmonauts League Cup lost two lanes, but C Luo never give up, he led Real Madrid to break Barcelona monopoly League (2011/12 season), the Champions League all the way to win the San Siro, will also be three Golden Globes (2008,2013 and 2014) in the bag. A person a team, this time as captain led the expedition, C Lo can help Portugal to achieve a breakthrough? In 2014, TAG Heuer signed C Luo, the following year launched its Formula 1 CR7 chronograph, the official model CAZ1113.FC8189. TAG Heuer is the Swiss avant-garde watchmaking pioneer, C Lo is the world's football king, Tigers TAG Heuer respected "fearless challenge to self-achievement," the spirit of the idea, which is to promote C Luo constantly climb new heights of power, Of the cooperation can be described as heaven. Formula 1 CR7 Chronograph Diameter of 42 mm, at three o'clock position of the small disk printed with white "CR7" words tribute C Luo, vibrant green reminiscent of the miracle of the birth of the pitch. Summary: the threat of terrorism, Michel Platini's departure, and the existing system of farewell, so this session of the European Cup is very different. But all this can not stop the enthusiasm of the fans, coupled with the European Cup crash of the Centennial Cup, I believe this summer must be brilliant. In addition, please do not ask the national team in the game why the club signed watch, this pot can only be pushed to the European Cup Benzema. Wish everyone to support the players and the team can achieve the desired results, let us use the wrist hour meter to record their glory moments. Finally, watching the ball is good, do not delay the normal life and work Oh.